• Sheila Sousa

Editor's Note

Oh Queen of months, supremely fair,

Cloth'd with garments rich and rare, None in beauty can compare With thee, sweet May.

Lovely month, thou bringest mirth, Spreadest sweetness over the earth,

Causest Nature to give birth To fruits and flowers.

Thou art lov'd by young and old. Joys for each thou dost unfold; Never shall our hearts grow cold To thee, sweet May.

Ode to May, Peter Burn

May, the month we all were waiting to get a first taste of warmer weather. With the end of lockdown and opening of venues with external areas we were all eagerly awaiting for May to arrive. At Onda Magazine, we have also been patiently waiting, for several reasons, but the prime being the soon to be released Onda Jumpsuit.

This month is due to bring with it the potential for further easing of lockdowns, including some travel restrictions lifting and gatherings of more than 6 people being allowed, which for the Geminis in the UK means birthday parties without restrictions! We know our founder has been keen to get his party on…

So, in this sweet May edition we catch up on the journey to the creation of Onda’s first jumpsuit, a journey which started soon a year ago, take a look at efforts the UK government is taking to ensure our lives can return to normal and discover a hidden figure responsible for some of the technology we know and love today. Happy reading and Happy May!

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