• Eric Gomes de Sousa

Fashion, self-confidence and jumpsuits

Some personal thoughts

It’s been roughly a year since I have been banging on about jumpsuits here at Onda. You probably haven’t heard of another brand talking about a single product this long, so I guess we’re unique like that, or you could say, uniquely slow like that. Well, “I’m sorry is all I can say”. I have been trying to design an outfit around what creators, dreamers and leaders want or feel is important to them, all while trying not to break the bank, learning the ins and outs of design and working another full-time job.

I don’t like to call Onda a side hustle simply because it is not a side hustle. It is a movement I intend on pushing forwards towards a larger audience of similar and like-minded men and women on a journey to achieving their life goals, small or big. So, one random day I looked in the mirror, looking specifically at the decade-old clothes I was wearing at the time, I decided I wanted to showcase my feel-good by looking good. Even if you’re confident, no, especially if you are confident, it’s important to radiate that confidence to the world, without trying hard of course; and clothes help us achieve that.

The jumpsuit idea actually came from watching Dave Chappelle’s Sticks & Stones gig, where he’s wearing an olive green jumpsuit and raves on about how good they feel: it did look good to be fair. I was never really into jumpsuits (or boilersuits if you want to call them that instead) until I saw him wear that with confidence, comfort and rock it like it’s the trendiest thing in the world.

Jumpsuits have always been popular among women and, to a degree, among men who work blue-collar jobs. Even some friends of mine told me they would probably wear the mens jumpsuit when painting the house or working laborious jobs. It wasn’t really until two of my closest and most fashionable friends that told me the jumpsuits look good in social settings, that I was really sold into the idea.

The aim of fashion is to really customise our look and give us a unique identity that helps us communicate with each other with words. Take three identical people dining together at a restaurant: one is wearing street tracksuits, another is wearing a suit and the last one is wearing bright yellow dungarees; you would immediately box them into three distinct categories of personality, social class, job type and just generally interests, whether if you got it right or wrong. That’s what fashion does to us, it enhances our identity, gives us an opportunity for self-expression and signature essentially unique to each on of us, that we can change whenever we like. Fashion has always and will always be a beautiful thing and, with that said, so are Onda jumpsuits so check them out.

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