• Eric Gomes de Sousa

Trial of parties

An experiment of the masses

If you live in the UK then you’ll know the government has been using us all as guinea pigs for their experiments. No, I’m just joking; they have however, promised to open pretty much everything by the infamous 21st June, including nightclubs. With that logic, previously cancelled festivals, large sporting events and concerts and could very well be on the books this year. In order to have that promise delivered, a sufficient majority of the country’s population has now been vaccinated and/or recovered from coronavirus hopefully allowing for herd immunity. Upon achieving this target, what was on the government’s mind afterwards may bring you a tear of joy: have a party.

Liverpool rave, 30/04/21

With around 3000 attendees, the Liverpool rave was enjoyed by what many, if not all, called “a piece of actual freedom”. No masks, no social distancing, no pandemic rules applied here. To go to the party, you had to test negative for COVID 24 hours before attending and then get tested again five days after. The aim was to test the safety of large-audience events come the 21st June.

Leicester City v Southampton, 18/04/21 at Wembley Stadium with around 4,000 fans

While some countries managed to curb their COVID last year, this is a huge and promising step forward for us, for the whole hospitality, entertainment and travel & tourism industries as well as for our mental health. The fashion industry will benefit vastly from this too: think London Fashion Week, fashion brands hosting or sponsoring events, in-store new product launch days, open photoshoots, in-person giveaways, competitions and much, much more. Do not forget that e-commerce grew a lot over the past year and we’re all itching to show off our latest outfits, well, at least I am.

Fun fact: rumours have it that the prime minister specifically chose the 21st of June because of his birthday, which is just two days prior and thus conveniently placed for an extended, boozy weekend; talk about an inflated ego, right!?

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